Using in teaching

Using in teaching

Using cell comments in Excel (13)

Interested in using for teaching but not sure where to start? provides a handy course entitled Teaching with  The full course is just over an hour long, but you can of course skip to the bits most relevant to you.  Content includes:

  • Finding and using content
  • Teaching with a flipped classroom
  • Using to teach 21st century skills
  • How to integrate into your curricululm
  • How to use with a Learning Management System

If you don’t have time to watch the whole course, we recommend at least having a look at Chapter 4: How to integrate into your curriculum.


I’d like to use in my teaching but some of the courses are quite long. My students might not have much time to use Lynda learning….

Remember you can pick out relevant videos from a course or mixture of courses and create a Playlist which you can then share with your students.  This way, they’ll only need to work on relevant topics.  If you’re not sure how to create, curate and share Playlists have a look at our creating Playlists and sharing Playlists posts.



What if there aren’t any subject-specific subjects on for my students?

Even if there aren’t any subject specific courses, you’ll find materials on study skills, employability skills such as time management and leadership, and digital skills including Microsoft Office to help your students develop a comprehensive range of life-skills.


Are you already using in teaching?  Let us know how you’re using it using the comments box below.



One thought on “Using in teaching

  • The only problem I think people will have with is that it is quite time consuming to find appropriate sections which stand alone outside of the course which provides them. I think it would be great if we had a collection area for useful tips – The best and most efficient application I have found to date is to add this to a dropbox description in NOW


    It took me ages looking through loads fo different courses on Powerpoint to find this little nugget … please share …

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