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Using cell comments in Excel (12)

In our last themed post, we talked about using Playlists to curate meaningful content. Did you know you can also share your Playlists with others?


Why would I want to share a Playlist?


As an educator, Playlists are the perfect opportunity to offer personalised learning.  You could create a Playlist for an individual student who needed support in a particular area.  Or create a Playlist for a whole co-hort of students.  For example, perhaps your Year 1 students’ Excel skills are holding them back in a statistics module. provides a whole range of Excel videos from beginner through to advanced.  With a relatively small amount of time, you can curate a Playlist which focuses just on the skills the students are lacking. Students can then use this to learn at their own pace and review materials as and when necessary.


So how do I share my Playlist?


From the homepage, click on your name in the top right hand corner then click on the playlist you want to share.  You then need to select Make Public.

Now click Share to display the sharing options. You can generate a link which you could share by email or add to your learning room on a VLE as a piece of content for students to access.

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Why not have a go?


Tell us how you use shared Playlists in the comments box below.


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