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If you’ve already explored you’ll know there is a vast amount of content to choose from.  But did you know you can create yourself Playlists made up of either individual videos or entire courses to make it easier to find and watch them later?


What is a Playlist?

You might already be familiar with the idea of playlists on other platforms, for example a Spotify music playlist.  Think of it like pulling together lots of bits from different courses to make your own bespoke course.


How do I create a Playlist in

Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the homepage and click Playlists from the drop-down menu.

Then choose Create new playlist.


Great.  Now how do I add stuff to it?

You can add videos to a playlist in two different ways, directly from search results or while watching a video:

  1. Adding from search results: hover the mouse at the end of the search result to reveal the + symbol.
  2.  Adding while watching a video: to add the whole course or individual video you are watching to a playlist, click the Add to playlist button from the menu above the video, then choose the playlist you want to add the course/video to.


You’ll see your Playlists in the pane on the homepage, or under Playlists in the drop-down menu beside your name.

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Why not have a go?


Tell us how you use Playlists in the comments box below.


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