Workarounds for Office Mix

Workarounds for Office Mix

Workarounds for Office Mix

As you may be aware, on the 1 January 2018 you were no longer able to sign up or download Office Mix.  However, you can upload to the site and edit any content you have made.  From 1 May 2018, any support for Office Mix and its subsequent sites will no longer be active.


The discontinuation comes as part of an upcoming integrated experience where you will no longer be required to download the add-in.  Mourn not, after 1 May 2018 some Office Mix features will be embedded within the ‘Recording tab’ in PowerPoint.  To enable this you will need to turn it on – scroll to the bottom of the section ‘How do I turn on the Recording tab in PowerPoint?‘.  It is expected in the future that you will be able to access Office Mix features in services such as Microsoft Stream, and Microsoft Forms.


The much appreciated Office Mix was useful for many in:


  • Creating quick presentation or instructional videos
  • Adding quizzes and further interaction to PowerPoint presentations
  • Recording your screen to make tutorials and/or give feedback


Alternative workarounds


As Office Mix becomes a temporarily reduced service until the new integration arrives, you may be left wondering what similar tools could be used as an alternative?  The following are a range of alternatives that are available to you at NTU.


  • Microsoft Sway - Create interactive and visual presentations or stories.  You can embed videos and questions via Microsoft Forms.  View related posts here.
  • Microsoft Forms - Create surveys, quizzes and polls and link, embed, and place a QR code in your presentations or NOW learning room.  View related posts here.
  • Panopto - Create ad hoc videos either by recording your screen, PowerPoint presentation or both at the same time.  Embed the video into your NOW learning room, PowerPoint presentation or external websites.  Visit My Media Files in Technology Central to know more about ‘choose to use’.
  • Screencast-O-Matic - Record you screen to capture your use of a website, software or giving feedback on a students piece of work.  This is an external tool and you will need to create an account to sign into.
  • H5P - Create interactive videos (questions/prompts layered on a video) or create interactive eLearning content.  Link to them in your PowerPoint presentation or embed them into your NOW learning room or in external sites.  Again, this is an external tool and you will need to create an account to sign into.


Migrating your content


Please note that all content must be moved off Mix by May 1, 2018, to avoid losing it. If you take no action by that date, your files will no longer be accessible.  – Microsoft


If you have any interactive content such as quizzes, live webpages and Open Educational Resources like Khan Academy, you will need to remove them and save as an MP4 video file locally on your computer.  You will also need to delete any other Mixes from your account.  We suggest that you do not migrate your Mixes to Microsoft Stream as all content on there is publicly visible, which you may not want everyone to view.  View the guide from NTU’s Information Services about this process.

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