Office Tips & Tricks: Add a checklist to a task in Plan...

Office Tips & Tricks: Add a checklist to a task in Planner


Have you tried out Microsoft’s Planner yet? It’s available as part of the Office 365 suite and is a simple ‘pin-board’ style planning tool which can be shared with others so you can all collaborate.


You can read more about Planner in our previous posts: Get organised with Planner and Assign a task in Planner.


We’ve shared how to assign a task in Planner to a colleague, but did you know you can also add a checklist to a task? Useful if the task requires a number of actions which might not all get completed in one go.


How do I add a checklist to a Planner task?

  • Open your Planner plan board.
  • Click on the task to which you’d like to add a checklist.
  • The task card will open and you can type in your list in the Checklist section. Just press the enter key after each item.


empty checklist


Ticking the Show on card box will display the list on the front of the task card as well. This may be useful when taking a quick view of the overall project.


Planner 1


Once an item from the checklist is ticked as complete, it disappears from the front of the card, and on the larger card view it displays with a tick and strike-through.




Why not give it a try?

NTU staff and students can visit the Office Central learning room to find out more about Planner. You will need to log in to NOW to view the learning room.  (Please note: Office Central is an internal resource only accessible by NTU staff and students).


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