Office Tips & Tricks: Assign a task in Planner

Office Tips & Tricks: Assign a task in Planner

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Have you had a go with Microsoft’s aptly named Planner program (accessed via your Office 365 homepage)? Planner lets you create a board, add cards for tasks to do and share the plan with colleagues. Great for smaller events which don’t need the full MS Project experience.

Did you know, that as well as sharing your plan boards with others, you can also assign tasks to them?

How to I assign a Planner task to someone else?

1. First make sure the person has been added as a Member of that particular Plan board.


2. Click on the + sign in the area of the Plan where you want to assign the task.

3. Type in the task name and set a due date.

4. Then click Add assignment and search for the person you’d like to assign the task to.

5. Then click Add task.



As Plan owner, you can see from your Plan board overview where tasks have been assigned.

And if you’re a member of a Plan board, you can see if any tasks have been allocated to you in the My Tasks section in the black pane at the left of the screen.

plan overview


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