Office Tips & Tricks: Adding a video to a Sway

Office Tips & Tricks: Adding a video to a Sway

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If you’ve already explored Microsoft Sway, you’ll know that this digital storytelling package loves visuals. You can add images, but did you know it’s also easy to add video too?


From the Cards pane, just select a Video card.

Then click on Add a Video.

Sway will then suggest a range of images and videos based on the subject of your Sway. If you want it to search on a different topic, then just type what you want into the Search sources box.

You’ll notice Sway automatically returns images which have Creative Commons licences.

Simply drag the video you want to use onto your card.

sway video 1


How about embedding a video from YouTube?

To add a video you’ve located on YouTube to sway, select an Embed card instead of a Video card.


sway embed card


Navigate to your video on YouTube, scroll down until you see Share, then click on this. You’ll see options for Share, Embed and Email.  Click on Embed and then copy the embed code that appears.


sway embed code


Go to Sway, and in the Embed card paste the embed code. You’ll see a thumbnail of your chosen video on the Sway card. Add a caption if required.


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