Have a go at assessing your digital competencies online

Have a go at assessing your digital competencies online

Digital Framework


You may already know that at the beginning of this term we have launched the NTU Digital Framework learning room in NOW:

  • to support staff in their development of digital competencies and
  • to provide guidance on the Framework for those involved in Curriculum Refresh.

We have now added a link to the Jisc Digital Capability Discovery Tool to the learning room.


What is Jisc Digital Capability Discovery Tool?

  • Jisc (Joint Information Systems Committee) has recently published a public beta version of the Digital Capability Discovery Tool – one of the outputs of the Building Digital Capability project.
  • The aim of this tool is to support staff working in universities and colleges to reflect on their digital capabilities.
  • The digital capabilities that are assessed in this tool are closely related to the areas of practice featured in the NTU Digital Framework.

How can it help me?

  • You can use this tool to conduct a self assessment and raise your self-awareness of your digital capabilities.
  • You will get a summary of your personal digital profile, including a suggested list of actions and resources to enhance your digital capabilities.

How can I access this tool?

  • As of April 2017 the Jisc Digital Capability Discovery Tool is in beta stage, which means that its features and functionalities could evolve as the development process continues.

Please Note:  NOW  is an internal resource only accessible by NTU staff & students

About the author

Elena is responsible for design and implementation of development initiatives and learning resources to support NTU staff in their use of university systems. Prior to joining NTU, Elena worked in the British Council supporting bidding for and implementation of international development and scholarship management programmes. She has extensive experience as a Learning and Development consultant, specialising in SAP, business process analysis and managing personal and professional development schemes.

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