Office Tips & Tricks: Get organised with Planner

Office Tips & Tricks: Get organised with Planner

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What is Planner?
Planner allows you to create an electronic Board (1) where you can add Buckets (2) and pin electronic cards (3) to your lists.


The Board is essentially your plan, the Buckets are lists within your plan eg: resources and the Cards are the tasks which need to be done.


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What else does Planner do?

Each new Board comes with a OneNote notebook (4) which is automatically shared with anyone connected to your plan. A useful place to keep more detailed notes, links or even emails.


Anything else?

Yes! Planner has some basic built-in analytics so you can view a plan board in Charts (5) view to keep track of what’s happening.



How do I get started?

  1. Click the Planner app from your Office 365 homepage
  2. Choose New Plan
  3. Give your plan a name
  4. Click +Add new bucket to create vertical lists
  5. Select the blue + to add a new card (task)

You can drag cards between Buckets as your plans progress. Try clicking on a card to see if you can add a due date, colour code etc.


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