Office Tips & Tricks: Convert handwritten equations to ...

Office Tips & Tricks: Convert handwritten equations to text in Excel 2016

Using cell comments in Excel

If you’ve upgraded to Office 2016 and are lucky enough to have a touchscreen laptop or tablet you can now handwrite equations which are then converted to typed text. (You can still use this function without a touchscreen, but you’ll need to write with the mouse.)

This new feature is perhaps most useful for Excel users, but is also available in Word, OneNote and PowerPoint.
How to handwrite an equation


1. From the Insert tab, click on Equation
handwrite 1
2. Then select Ink Equation
handwrite 2


3. Handwrite your equation in the box using a stylus or your finger (you can also use the mouse).
The process can be a bit trial and error, trying to get Excel to recognise what you are writing, but there’s a handy eraser button to rub out anything that is misunderstood. It’s worth persevering though if you work with complex equations.
handwrite 3
handwrite 6

4. Finally click Insert
5. Your handwritten equation will be converted to typed text.
handwrite 7


The typed equation appears in a frame so you can move it to the required cell or area of your spreadsheet.



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