Office Tips & Tricks: Create a group in Yammer

Office Tips & Tricks: Create a group in Yammer

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Yammer is a private social network that helps you network with others within your organisation, share information across teams, and organise projects or working groups. So posts on NTU’s Yammer network are intended to be visible only to staff and students within NTU.  You may have read Elena’s post in January about using Yammer to communicate with students.  If you missed it, click here to read it.


How do I join Yammer?

The easiest way to do this is to navigate to your Office 365 homepage (via the NTU website, MyNTU portal or by typing into a browser).  Then simply click the Yammer app/tile.  Congratulations! You have now joined Yammer.


Tell me more about Yammer groups…

A Yammer group is just a way of creating an area where Yammer users with similar professional interests can share ideas, ask questions and have a conversation.  All Yammer users can create and join groups.

The All Company Group is the default group everyone posts into.

However you may wish to create or join special interest groups eg: Office 365 or a project or working group.  It’s a useful way of having a conversation about a specific topic, and an easy solution for group members who may be scattered across departments, campuses or student cohorts to collaborate.

Groups can be set to Public or Private. It’s possible to search Yammer to see a list of all Public groups. Yammer users can join a Public group if they find one of interest to them. People can only join Private groups by invitation; they can make a request to join which must be approved by the group’s owner.


How do I create a Yammer group?

  1. Log in to Yammer and click on Create a new group from the bottom left hand corner of your home screen.
  2. The Internal Group option will already be selected.  This is because Yammer is a company-only social network.  Type in the name of your new group.  (If you know the names or email addresses for people you intend to invite, you can add them now to the Group Members bar.  If you are not ready to do this, you can add them later.)
  3. Then choose whether you want your group to be Public - anyone at NTU can discover the group and ask to join or Private - only approved members will be able to and use the group.  If you choose Private, you will be given the option for the group to feature in the Group Directory.  If you don’t want this, then uncheck the box.
  4. Finally, click Create Group.

yammer 1


To find out more about using groups in Yammer eg: discovering groups, asking to join a group or how to leave a group, click here.  And when using Yammer or other social media tools professionally, ensure you always follow any guidelines in your organisation’s social media or computer use policies.


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Further support:

NTU staff and students can visit the Office Central learning room for more help on using Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365/OneDrive by clicking here.  You will need to log in to NOW to view the learning room.  (Please note: Office Central is an internal resource only accessible by NTU staff and students).

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