Office Tips & Tricks: Alt key tips (all Office programs)

Office Tips & Tricks: Alt key tips (all Office programs)

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If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse, then this handy tip is for you.

Did you know, if you press the Alt key, letters appear over every item on the ribbon?  Just tap the relevant key to activate that option.


In this example, I’ve pressed Alt while in a Word document:

alt 1


If I now press the P key, the Page Layout menu is revealed:

alt 2


If I want to open the Breaks menu, I can just press the B key:

alt 3


Then if I want to continue with a Next page section break, I can just press the N key.


Why not give it a try?

Note: The Alt key tips works with the desktop versions of Microsoft’s programs (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word etc) but not the online versions or the new programs in Office 365 like Planner or Forms.


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