Support for Curriculum Refresh and the NTU Digital Fram...

Support for Curriculum Refresh and the NTU Digital Framework

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The launch of the Curriculum Refresh microsite recently was the first opportunity to highlight a new set of resources that CPLD have produced to support the NTU Digital Framework.

What is the NTU Digital Framework?

The Digital Framework is a comprehensive collection of digital capabilities, skills and competencies that NTU has identified as relevant across the institution. The Framework consists of a variety of areas of practice and each area is split into four levels of development. See both the CPLD website and the new NOW NTU Digital Framework learning room for further information about the Framework.

So, what support is available to help me with Curriculum Refresh?

Curriculum Refresh is a framework itself, providing guidance on the principles and parameters to help plan any course changes that may be required to achieve the ambitions set out in our Strategic Plan. One of the parameters to be considered is how curricula can use the NTU Digital Framework to inform course design relating to learning outcomes for digital practice. To help colleagues get started with thinking about designing their curricula with the Digital Framework in mind, we’ve created a series of resources:

  • Curriculum Refresh Toolkit – this toolkit suggests a couple of simple step by step instructions to help you identify how your course curriculum could be informed by the Digital Framework
  • Quick Questions About the NTU Digital Framework - this document includes a series of questions to guide you around the framework and determine which areas are relevant to your course curriculum.
  • Case Studies for Curriculum Refresh – some examples of how other colleagues have embedded the framework within their courses.

All of these resources are available in the Digital Framework Learning room.

In addition to the online support above, CPLD are also running a series of Briefing Workshops where you can come along, find out more about the framework and receive some support to get you started using the Digital Framework within your curricula.

We’re also going to be presenting at the TILT eLearning Showcase event on 14th December if you want to hear more, or come and visit the CPLD stand.


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Digital Practice Manager for the Digital Practice Team in Organisational Development. She has over 15 years experience in supporting and managing eLearning and digital practice teams. She is a UCISA Exec Member and a member of the UCISA Digital Capabilities Group.

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