Respect at NTU. Give It. Get It. Expect It: Managing y...

Respect at NTU. Give It. Get It. Expect It: Managing your digital identity

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In support of NTU’s Respect & Consent agenda, this is the first of three blog posts we’ll be publishing this week looking at social media and digital identity. Find out more about NTU’s Respect at NTU events being held from 14 – 16 November 2016 by clicking here.

Social media can be a great tool to use in higher education whether it’s Twitter in the classroom, a subject-relevant blog, networking with LinkedIn or using Yammer in a group activity.

But how do you ensure your digital identity is professional, appropriate and that you use social media respectfully and relevantly?

Rarely a week goes by without stories in the media of an individual or company making ill-advised or inappropriate social media posts.  But there are several simple steps you can take to ensure your various social media profiles project a professional digital identity.

UCISA (Universities & Colleges Information Systems Association) advise:

1. Auditing your own digital footprint. 

What information is publicly available about you on the internet?  Is it appropriate? Do you need to un-tag yourself or delete historic posts?

2. Establishing clear private and professional boundaries.

Check what privacy settings you are using in each social media platform you use. Consider having different identities within a single social media platform. For example a private Twitter account and another one that you use to post/follow others in connection with your professional interests.

3. Providing key information.

Control what others can see about you online by adding relevant, good quality information to your profiles.  This could be a professional-looking photograph, research abstracts or examples of your work and up to date information about your company and job responsibilities.

4. Using the right platform to get your message across. 

For example using keywords and hashtags in Twitter or a blog.  You can keep posts brief by including links, images or infographics to supplement what you’ve written.

5. Proactively building your online networks.

Invite relevant contacts to join your network, comment and ‘like’ others’ work and selectively follow useful blogs and Twitter feeds.

Find the full UCISA Social Media Toolkit here.

Want to read more about digital identity?  Have a look at these articles:

The Guardian: managing your professional reputation on social media

Harvard Business review: How to separate the personal and professional on social media


NTU staff can visit the NTU Digital Framework learning room on NOW to find out more about developing digital identity.  Note: NOW is an online resource only available to NTU staff.


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