Google Doodles

Google Doodles

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Loading up Google recently, my eye was caught by the Google Doodle celebrating the Juno satellite’s amazing 5 year, 500 million mile journey to Jupiter.

I’ve long enjoyed a Google Doodle; considering them to be mini works of art.  This set me wondering about the Google Doodle’s inception.

After a quick internet search, I was surprised to learn that the first Google Doodle appeared as far back as 1998; designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  It was intended as a jokey out of office message posted while they were at the Burning Man Festival.

According to Google, since 2000, over 2 000 doodles have been created by their team of in-house ‘Doodlers’.

The first animated doodle was used in 2010, honouring Isaac Newton featuring a falling apple.

Since then, a range of interactive and video doodles have regularly appeared including a Turing Machine complete with 12 programming puzzles to solve (in 2012 for the 100th birthday of code-breaker Alan Turing)

…..and an interactive Gibson electric guitar (in 2011 to celebrate the 96th birthday of Les Paul).

Many doodles celebrate familiar holidays and annual events such as New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, and some are country-specific.

Logging on and discovering a beautifully designed new Google Doodle is always a joy. But just as rewarding, is clicking on a doodle featuring someone I’ve never heard of, and taking a few minutes out of my day to get a glimpse into their fascinating lives and achievements: such as those of Caroline Herschel, (pioneering female astronomer celebrated by Google on 16 March 2016).

Click on the links in the post to view the Doodles, or find out more about the people and events they are celebrating. Or why not pay a visit to the Google Doodles archive to see more?

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