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Office Tips & Tricks: Interactive quizzes in PowerPoint with Office Mix

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Ever wished PowerPoint could be more interactive?  The new Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint (which appears as an extra tab) enables you to easily add interactive functions to your presentation.  Today we’ll be looking at using interactive quizzes.


Why should I use interactive quizzes?

  • To determine knowledge levels before a taught session
  • Use after a session to check understanding
  • To promote discussion in the class
  • You can view analytics showing individuals’ responses


Do I need the internet?

Yes, users will need to be online in order to make use of the interactive quiz. You can share your finished quiz by sending a link.  NTU staff can add a link to content in a NOW learning room.


So how do I make an interactive Mix quiz?

  1. If you can’t see the Mix tab when you open PowerPoint,  you may need to download the Mix add-in. Click here to do this.
  2. Choose the Quizzes Videos Apps icon. Then the type of quiz you’d like eg: multiple choice.
  3. Use the template to type in your question and add the correct answer.
  4. You’ll need to repeat this process to add extra questions, so you could use a variety of quiz question types.
  5. Once you’ve finished, click the Upload to Mix icon and follow the instructions to save, name and set permissions for your Mix.


What happens when people use the quiz?

Users click on their preferred answer and find out instantly if they are correct. When creating questions, you can choose how many attempts they’re allowed. Or add hints or comments which are revealed when an answer is selected.*



How do I view my quiz analytics?

To view analytics, return to the Mix website click on your Mix and click on the Analytics option.  Note: You’ll need a minimum of 10 responses before analytics are recorded.


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* Did you get the answers right? It was Victoria Centre flats (250ft) and Nottingham Castle (213ft).  And for those who are interested, the Council House is 200ft and Nottingham Trent University’s Newton Building is 170ft.


Further support:

NTU staff and students can visit the Office Central learning room for more help on using Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365/OneDrive by clicking here.  You will need to log in to NOW to view the learning room.  (Please note: Office Central is an internal resource only accessible by NTU staff and students).

5 comments on “Office Tips & Tricks: Interactive quizzes in PowerPoint with Office Mix

  • I just wanted to ask if the students can answer using their smart phones

    • rachel

      Hi Carla. Yes, you share your finished Mix by means of a link, so as long as the student has internet access on their smartphone or tablet they can click on the link and use the interactive questions.

  • Hello, I hope you are still monitoring this site.
    I have posted a quiz on the Office Mix cloud.
    It works fine… BUT… when I go back to retake it, it shows me all of my previous answers rather than readministering the quiz from scratch.
    I really want the students to be able to retake it so as to reinforce their learning.
    Any advice ????

    • rachel

      Hi Sven. We do indeed still monitor our site, thank you for taking the time to post a comment. As far as I am aware, you are correct in thinking that if a student/user tries to retake a Mix quiz on a subsequent occasion, their previous answers are stored. The best solution I can suggest would be to re-save your original Mix quiz as a ‘New Mix’ and give it a different filename, then share this new quiz link with students for their second attempt. Mix will think you have created a brand new quiz, even though the questions are the same. You will have to view the analytics for each quiz separately though. You might also want to message Microsoft through the Mix website to ask if they plan to address this issue – it’s both useful and frustrating that Mix saves previous responses!! Hope this helps. Rachel

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