Office 365 Tips and Tricks #1: So what exactly is Offic...

Office 365 Tips and Tricks #1: So what exactly is Office 365?

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Here at Nottingham Trent University, we’ve been rolling out Office 365 for our staff.  While everyone is familiar with the Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc), the introduction of Office 365 has raised lots of questions, including: So what exactly is Office 365?

Traditionally, using the Microsoft Office suite meant home users/companies making a one-off purchase of the software and licence(s).  Office 365 works differently, using a subscription model, with companies or home users paying a fee to subscribe to the Microsoft Office suite.

As well as allowing subscribers to access the usual desktop version of Microsoft Office  from their PC or laptop, Office 365 also gives users to access Office Online. With Office Online, you can use a ‘light’ version of the Office programs on any computer, tablet or smartphone via the internet, even if the device you are working on doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed.

Office 365  also provides cloud storage called OneDrive.  Business users have a OneDrive for Business option, and home users just OneDrive.  In my next Office 365 Tips & Tricks post, I will talk more about using OneDrive.

So how will using Office 365 benefit me?

  • You get flexible access to Microsoft Office using any type of internet-enabled device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  You can use the desktop version of Microsoft Office, and the Office Online version.
  • You can access and work on files you’ve saved in OneDrive anywhere you have internet access:  begin a document at home on your tablet, add to it using your smartphone on the bus, then open it at your desk.

To summarise, Office 365 is not a new piece of software.  It’s simply an umbrella term which covers the combination of familiar Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote with extra features including access to Office Online, and cloud storage with OneDrive.

If you haven’t yet explored what Office 365 can do, why not have a go? NTU staff and students can visit the Office Central learning room for more help on using Microsoft Office 365 by clicking here. You will need to log in to NOW to view the learning room.  (Please note: Office Central is an internal resource only accessible by NTU staff and students).

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