Guest blog: Digital Footprints by Cami Makunganya

Guest blog: Digital Footprints by Cami Makunganya

Digital Footprint FOR BLOG

This week we are delighted to welcome Cami Makunganya, a Year 10 student who is spending a week here at NTU on work experience.  We challenged him to research and write a guest blog post about Digital Footprints. Here’s what he had to say:

Did you know that every time you use or do something online you leave a trail? This is called a Digital Footprint.

Everyone has a digital footprint. Your footprint can be left purposely or be collected without you knowing. It’s also possible to see what sites you’ve visited through your IP address, which is a unique code every computer has.

Whenever you decide to post something on a social media website, you leave a digital footprint. This could allow people to access information about what others are doing online. For example, if a person behaved suspiciously online, a website and/or the authorities may use an IP address to identify the computer that has sent the information. You don’t just get a digital footprint from posting stuff online. You have one from being tagged in photos posted by friends, which others can see if your name is searched. You leave footprints online every day by booking online for a holiday, when signing up for a newsletter via your email, and when shopping online.

This means that others could use the internet to see what you are up to, and how you present yourself outside of work and school. This could be a problem, if you have photos of yourself you’re happy to share with friends but wouldn’t want your parents or others to see online. Your digital footprint also shows lots of information about you like what websites you use, what things you search for, and who is in your social circle.

But a digital footprint could also help if you lose contact with people and they decide to search your name and find you. This could make long lost relatives meet and catch up on the time they have lost out.  It means you don’t have to repeatedly log in or submit details to websites. If you also have a good professional profile it can also improve the image people have of you.

Next time you are using the Internet, consider and think twice about what you do online!

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