Digital Practice in October

Digital Practice in October

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A busy start to the academic year has meant that’s it’s been a while since we’ve done a round up of what’s been happening on the blog and in the Digital Practice team.

Firstly, you may have noticed that we have regular tips and tricks articles appearing on the blog. So if you ever wanted to know how to Freeze panes in Excel, Position Images in Word or use replace strings in NOW to Personalise News and Communications for students, keep an eye on the blog or follow us on Twitter @NTUDigital. Alternatively, check out the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014, compiled by Jane Hart at C4PLT.

You can also find a host of support resources in our NOW Learning Rooms: NOW CentralMS Office Central and our latest support learning room Technology Central.

Elsewhere colleagues attended the annual Future of Technology in Education at UCLL with debates on bridging the gender gap in IT and learning technology as well as a new Pitchfest for new start-ups.

We have lots of events happening over the next month including our new Getting to Grips with Technology sessions. Or what about sharing the latest apps you’re using at APPy hour? You’ll find a full list of Digital Practice events on the CPLD website. Or contact CPLD if you’re interested in the Digital Practice team hosting a bespoke event for your school, division or team.

Finally, the Digital Practice team said a sad farewell to one our long standing team members and blog contributor, Anna Armstrong. Anna has moved on to pastures news at the University of West London and we wish her well in her new role. I’m sure she’ll be blogging again soon, sharing practice with new colleagues and introducing the wonders of Cake Club down south.

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Digital Practice Manager for the Digital Practice Team in Organisational Development. She has over 15 years experience in supporting and managing eLearning and digital practice teams. She is a UCISA Exec Member and a member of the UCISA Digital Capabilities Group.

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